New South Wales

In a move many have been expecting, NSW has followed the other states and announced a number of measures to assist small business. This is likely the first wave of measures, with more likely to come as the situation progresses.

As with other announcements, detail is limited but what we know is:

  • Payroll Tax Waiver
    Any NSW businesses will have the next three months (April-June) payroll tax waived. This will be available for all businesses with payroll up to $10m.
    It is not known whether this will be an automatic waiver or whether you need to apply online.
  • Payroll Tax Threshold Increase
    The payroll tax threshold will be increased to $1m from 1 July. This is up from the current $850,000.
    The increase was always proposed but was not originally intended to be implemented so quickly. This will have the effect of lifting many small businesses outside the payroll tax regime.
  • Gov Fees waived
    State government fees for effected businesses will be scrapped. There is no detail on exactly what fees this is referring to, however businesses specifically mentioned to benefit include bars, cafes, and tradespeople.

Western Australia

  • $17,500 Cash Grant
    The government is offering a $17,500 grant to payroll tax-paying businesses with an Australian payroll between $1m and $4m.
  • Payroll Tax Threshold Increase
    The payroll tax threshold will be increased to $1m from 1 July (six months earlier than previously planned).
  • Payroll Tax Deferral
    4 Month Deferral of payroll tax for businesses that pay $7.5m or less in Australian taxable wages.
  • Household Fee Free
    4 month freeze on household fees and charges including electricity, water, motor vehicle charges, public transport etc.



  • Payroll Tax Deferral
    All businesses will receive a 6 month payroll tax deferral.
  • Interest free business loans
    $500m loan facility that will be created to support businesses, which will comprise loans of up to $250,000 with an initial 12-month interest free period for businesses to retain staff.
  • Fee Waivers
    Fees waived for liquor and gaming businesses applying to change trading hours or change a licenced area.
  • Business Grants
    Market diversification and resilience grants of up to $50,000 for agriculture, fishing and food exporters.



The Tasmania Government has announced a stimulus package targeted at the hospitality, tourism, seafood and exports sectors.

  • Payroll Tax Waivers
    Like NSW Payroll tax will be waived for March -June 2020 covering the hospitality, tourism, seafood and exports sectors. Businesses outside these sectors can apply to have their claims assessed.
  • Interest-Free Loans
    The government has allocated funds to provide interest free loans to the hospitality, tourism, seafood and exports sectors to be made available to businesses with a turnover of less than $5 million.



Victoria has not yet announced its stimulus package. We will provide an update when it is announced.


South Australia

SA government has announced they will be providing stimulus, but details are not yet available.